Respect for Quality

ANEMONE contains all the experiences you can have with headwear.
It contains a Swarovski crystal made with 125 years of history
using a meticulous process to ensure that it sparkles from every facet of the stone.
Add to it the Sterling Silver chain and Silver 925 Charm design
which truly sets our product apart from others.

The riri zipper on ANEMONE products - a zipper that is only used on designer products
considers convenience and quality with its unique design while giving it a luxurious look.

Sterling Silver(Silver 925) Charm & BOLD Chain Design

The value that ANEMONE delivers with its products is not standardized beauty.
Anyone who wears ANEMONE’s headwear maximizes the standard of beauty.
Sterling Silver chain design that ANEMONE selected for
its headwear and Silver 925 charm design are a beginning of
self-expression for each and every wearer.
ANEMONE headwear helps you express your beauty
in the most luxurious way.

Sterling Silver – Silver Containing 92.5%

ANEMONE invested a great deal of time and effort into creating
Silver 925 Charm Design and BOLD Chain Design which were applied on the Silver Sterling model.
These additions enhance the quality and value of this product.

Every charm and chain on our headwear are placed meticulously by hand
to capture the beauty of Sterling Silver.

The silver used in ANEMONE Sterling Silver model
boasts a distinctive silver brilliance.
This material creates a surface where germs cannot survive,
preserving the surface of the metal and its brilliance over time,
increasing the value of ANEMONE's Sterling Silver model.