Only ONE head wear

Brand Design

A design that offers a new standard

ANEMONE allows the wearer to define the standard of fashion.
ANEMONE’s headwear design expresses
luxury, value, and beauty
through technology and experience that is unique to ANEMONE

Connecting the eras,
constant changes

Every chain in ANEMONE’s logo
represents a thought and an era.
ANEMONE design represents the infinity of time
with no beginning or end,
and it represents the path
that we were on and where we are heading towards.

Everlasting Youth

ANEMONE’s Swarovski crystal
represents the innocent inspiration
that paints a timeless and transparent ocean,
and it is the re-interpretation of the objet d’art
which swims up and rises beyond the surface of the calm ocean.

The placement of Swarovski Crystal symbolizes
the headwear that represents you
from the highest place.